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Schema-less persistence for Smalltalk with support for multiple backends.

The recomended workflow goes like this:

  1. Always fresh. Do not reuse images. Install Mapless or the instructions of the guides here in fresh image.
  2. Always autoformat. Custom formatting in a per team basis would be ideal. While that isn’t the norm, use the autoformatter to remove friction in PR reviews.
  3. Commit changes. Consider saving the image a transient convenience and consider actual saved code to be the last commit you did using Pharo Git tool in the right branch.
  4. Embrace Gitflow. Develop features and fixes in new branches that you can merge on develop while maintaining official versions in the master branch earning trust from the community.
  5. Emrbace semantic versioning. Use other engineers expectations about progres, fixes, improvements and compatibility between APIs of newer versions to your advantage embracing semantic versioning tagging commits. For Pharo versions you can create a specific additional tag like pharo9, pharo10 and pharo11, etc beside keeping the numbered ones and a latest to move the progress of your most recent one.
  6. Smalltalk CI. And GitHub Actions.
  7. Docker. Do not make hard to use the final outcome of your work. Keep your development process easy for the next step to happen by making a containerizable build so it can be used as input in some devops process.

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